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Strength Tek is an industry leader in the design and delivery of Workplace Fitness and Wellness programs and services, delivered by an exceptional team of Fitness Professionals.

Since 1987, we have delivered the most innovative, flexible and diversified portfolio of professional fitness and wellness consulting and management services in many locations across North America.

Our dedicated consultants work closely with you to develop customized solutions to strengthen your organization and maximize your investment. 

Our History

Founded in 1987 by Lorne Goldenberg, Strength Tek is a Canadian-owned Workplace Fitness and Wellness company, specializing in onsite Fitness Centre management and Workplace Wellness Programs and Services. We service a wide variety of clients across North America, including government and community organizations, private and non-profit organizations, multi-national companies, tenant facilities, and small businesses.

Our ApproachAbout Strength Tek

Strength Tek's approach is simple... we listen closely to your needs, apply specialized expertise, and offer customized solutions. Combining creativity and common sense with our industry knowledge and experience, we assist you in achieving your goals.

Our Reputation

Strength Tek delivers results based on strong principles, sound fitness standards and expertise. Our company was founded by Lorne Goldenberg, a top Canadian Strength and Conditioning Coach, who has built a successful career working with a number of professional athletes and sport teams. Lorne is also the owner of Strength Tek's subsidiary company, the Athletic Conditioning Center. Lorne's philosophy of safe, effective and efficient training sets Strength Tek's standards, ensuring that we consistently deliver the best, safest, and most effective programs and services across all of our facilities.

Strength Tek builds strong relationships that both empower and support individuals and organizations to succeed. We are committed to building and maintaining strong relationships and open communication with our clients; we help your organization thrive. Our onsite Fitness Professionals become an integral support system for your employees, providing education, guidance and motivation to help them reach their personal fitness and wellness goals

Strength Tek is built on the strength and dedication of our employees. We are a team of committed, innovative, passionate, client-focused professionals who inspire excellence and do common things uncommonly well. We deliver top quality services with proven results.

Our Services

Research indicates that active living policies make good business sense. Strength Tek delivers a wide variety of fitness and wellness programs and services to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees, thereby strengthening your organization and your bottom line.

Strength Tek offers a comprehensive approach to workplace wellness planning. Our key services include Consulting, Facility Management, Program Coordination, and Individual Programming. We offer a full range of healthy living topics and services customized to your organization's needs, including: employee fitness, nutrition, stress management, posture and back health, active living, work-life balance, massage therapy, health screenings, occupational conditioning, wellness fairs, workplace challenges, and more...

We Can Strengthen Your Organization 

Strength Tek is a dynamic, value-driven company that is committed to both the success of our clients and the communities we serve. We welcome you to contact Strength Tek for additional information on any of our services. Let us show you how we can help improve the health and strength of your organization.

Workplace Wellness
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