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We deliver exceptional Corporate Fitness and Wellness Services, with a broad scope of offerings including: Consulting Services, Facility Management Services, Wellness Program Coordination, and Individual Programming Services.

The following is an overview of our key services:

Consulting Services
Facility Management Services
Program Coordination Services
Individual Programming Services

Consulting ServicesConsulting Services
Our method is simple: we combine our proven approach, with years of experience, to assist you in assessing your needs, developing a customized program, and maximizing your investment. We will help you to achieve your goals with creativity, common sense, and our industry knowledge and experience.
Consulting services may include:

Needs Assessment
Health Risk Assessments
Workplace Wellness Program Development
Fitness Facility Design
Equipment Acquisition and Layout

Facility Management Services

We provide Facility Management Services to ensure the smooth and safe operation of an organization's Workplace Fitness Facility.
Our turn-key facility management services may include:

Risk Management
Equipment Servicing
Program Coordination
Service Administration
Service Evaluation and Reporting

Our professionals will ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of your facility, and provide education, guidance and motivation for your employees to help them reach their personal fitness and wellness goals.

Program Coordination ServicesManagement and Coordination Services
Our Program Coordination Services provide clients with the expertise of a Workplace Wellness Coordinator, who will collaborate with a representative of your organization, to develop a tailored plan to meet your goals.

The Workplace Wellness Coordinator will develop a customized plan, and facilitate the delivery of programs and services for your workplace.
The Wellness Program Plan may include:

Workshops and Seminars
Fitness and Lifestyle classes
Individual Wellness Consulting Services
Health Promotion Materials
Special Event or Company Challenges 

Individual Programming Services

Our services are also available on a one-time basis, or as required, to meet your specific needs. A variety of Health, Wellness And Fitness programs and services are available and may be delivered in a variety of modalities including; seminars, wellness fairs, health screenings, special events and printed/electronic information.


We Can Strengthen Your Organization

Strength Tek is a dynamic, value-driven company that is committed to both the success of our clients and the communities we serve. We welcome you to contact Strength Tek for additional information on any of our services. Let us show you how we can help improve the health and strength of your organization.


Workplace Wellness
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